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Inmate Health Services (IHS) is an outcomes-driven correctional health care organization serving the public and private corrections industry across the United States.

The Company is committed to bringing high quality community standards of care to inmate populations with professional service at a low cost.

Offsite inmate healthcare is one of the most challenging cost, quality and legal issues facing state and municipal decision-makers. IHS, in partnership with one of the country’s largest, most sophisticated and cost effective third party administrators, offers a total offsite healthcare solution that addresses the need for improved planning, safety, cost management and administration. The Company fuses strong commercial/government healthcare capability with unique correctional health expertise. IHS and its partners bring a commitment to healthcare quality, technology, law enforcement needs and transparency to a market under great fiscal and regulatory stress.

IHS delivers for our clients a proven suite of capabilities and a unique SCAN algorithm (Secure Correctional Appointment Network) centered on improved outcomes and reduced cost. Core to this value proposition is our ability to predictably and meaningfully reduce offsite healthcare costs per man day, while improving both the standards of care and the administrative processes supporting that care.