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Comprehensive Correctional Health Care Solutions

Inmate Health Services' mission is to improve the quality of offsite care delivered by correctional facilities using the most sophisticated care network to improve the planning, safety, cost management, and administration of offsite care.

A high touch service model reduces the frequency and severity of claims and facilitates better onsite/offsite care coordination. This lowers costs for our customers while improving overall inmate care.

IHS delivers best-in-class services through the use of several proprietary advantages:

  • Optimization: Using its proprietary SCAN algorithm, IHS has demonstrated consistent year over year savings to clients while maintaining or improving quality of care.
  • Reporting and Analysis: IHS provides comprehensive and completely transparent reporting of all offsite scheduling and delivery of care. Our customers have access to detailed scheduling and claims analyses, either in near-real time or for historical periods. This transparency ensures that IHS customers can make informed health care decisions and minimize risk.
  • Corrections-Focused Network Systems: IHS operates delivers a state-of-the-art operations center focused on meeting rigorous corrections industry standards for care delivery, security, and timeliness of treatment.