Comprehensive Correctional Health Care Solutions

The corrections industry faces many in-sourcing and out-sourcing challenges in providing offsite healthcare. IHS sets itself apart in many ways:

  • Improved quality of care – IHS provides a highly accredited national network of hospitals and physicians overseen by inmate healthcare processes and protocols.
  • Lower costs of care through our broad national network – Currently, the corrections industry faces a high cost of care due to reliance on highly restricted networks and specialty doctors. IHS provides broad national networks and extensive provider arrangements which, in most instances, are the most cost effective.
  • Improved care cost predictability – IHS provides superior tools to predict and plan budgeting decisions.
  • Improved patient management and hospital discharge planning – IHS provides and adheres to clear clinical milestones for timely discharge and the right care in the right setting.
  • Scaled/efficient claims processing – IHS provides the leading technology-based claims payment and adjudication processes and best in class fraud prevention systems.
  • Faster claims payment – IHS' experience has proven that faster claims payment builds deeper provider loyalty and discounts.
  • Complete access to data and reporting –IHS provides robust/customized reporting and analytic capability.
  • Improved transparency of costs of service– IHS is deeply committed to transparency at all levels. Customers have access to a wide range of cost and performance data, and there are no hidden charges or costs fees.
  • Improved protection from litigation vulnerability – The corrections industry often faces litigation due to insufficient or inconsistent “access to” or “quality of” care documentation. IHS includes standard-of-care documentation as an integral part of its operations.
  • Minimization of inmate transportation costs– IHS scheduling systems incorporate and optimize leading logistics practices to make inmate transportation as efficient as possible.
IHS can help you:
  • Lower offsite health costs.
  • Win bids on new contracts.
  • Increase efficiency of claim submission, claim payments, and bill back.
  • Forecast offsite claim cost – individual claims and budget for contracts